Saturday, May 9, 2009

Six weeks - oops!

Oops - didn't mean to stay off for this long. Graduate school keeps ya busy!

As I was bored this evening and channel hopping, I stopped on QVC for a minute. Can I just say - Oh My God. Who knew the levels of inanity to which the world has fallen.

Look - buy this item and it will save your life, whiten your teeth, fix your personal finances, help you lose weight, be taller and more beautiful, boost your IQ, and find you true love. What is it, you ask?

Don't look now - there's more! Its retail value is $58, and our normal price is $38.50. But look - today you can get it for just $35.12, plus $7.22 shipping and handling. It's wonderful, amazing, and people from all over the country are calling in to rave about how fabulous it is.

What is "it," you ask? A fan. A stinking room fan. And these people are oozing delight and excitement.

See, here it is.

I'm worried about the future of America!