Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Breaking news!

The economic crisis might be making some people sad. No - really!! In fact, it might even be making some of them depressed. They might even cry. I know. It's hard to believe. Some people are really worried about the emotional impact the economy might be having, and have set up methods to identify and help these poor souls. Warning signs might include persistent sadness, crying, excessive anger, anxiety, increased drinking, and difficulty paying attention or being focused.

Who are these generous souls poised to help those emotionally impacted by the economy? US! Yep - as in both "us", and as in "U.S." Your tax dollars at work.

The federal Substances and Mental Health Services Administration or SAMHSA has set up a new web site, complete with a guide offering practical advice on how to deal with the effects of financial difficulties on physical and mental health.

I'm a pretty compassionate soul, and I certainly do not wish anyone ill. However, I wonder if our tax dollars were used for similar purposes when our grandparents were struggling with the Great Depression. Or - did they find their boot straps and PULL.

Yes, a safety net is a good thing. But so is a dose of old-fashioned gumption. We need both right now, and I'm not seeing much of the latter.

Monday, March 30, 2009

They guarantee you'll have a ball!

So, seems the Rotary Club in Oakdale Calif. has an annual fund-raising dinner for themselves and the Oakland County Museum. It's $50 a plate, for a sit-down dinner. The Rotarians are frying up 400 pounds of their main course, and serving them to about 450 people. Last year, the dinner raised about $28,000.

Why do I care? Because the entree is Rocky Mountain Oysters. Yep - bull's testicles. In fact, the event is the annual Testicle Festival. According to the Rotarians, everyone is guaranteed to "have a ball."

Wonder how much airfare to Oakdale runs.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Yet more people with waaaaay too much time on their hands!

My Little Ponies as action heroes and movie stars? Check out the photos here. And another favorite in the group. I would never have thought of dressing up a cute little pony like Jack Sparrow. Oh - wait - that's CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow.. . which makes all the difference! I'm not sure which is more sad: the creative genius bored enough to come up with this concept, or the insane folks who pay more than $500 each for the little things! (And yes - that's really five-hundred-dollars. I didn't put an extra zero on the end!)