Thursday, January 22, 2009

New favorite web sites I don't even LIKE cats much - they make me sneeze - but this site cracks me up! Like the one at the right. Only a huge geek would find this funny. But I do. So I guess that makes me a short little huge geek! Yes - I KNOW it's a cat on a glass table! - similar cuteness but involving dogs. Somehow, the cats win for ROFL factor. The doggies are sweet, but the cats somehow have more personality and attitude.

And even . . Obamicon. OK, my Republican friends should even get a giggle out of some of these. My favorite's over on the left. Too funny! Because, of course, even the poor kitties need a bailout. I read just last week that the porn industry was angling for one, so why not the poor puddy tats? Now - if you made a leap there. . it was from your own mind. Not from my fingers through the keyboard. NOPE!

Facebook should be available by prescription only

It's positively addictive! Spent hours on there today and yesterday, hunting down old high school friends. Some of the ones I wanted to find, I couldn't. Others who showed up were some I didn't even remember. I swear I have Swiss Cheese for brains - full of holes.

I even spent a significant amount of time last night AND tonight IMing with a man I truly do NOT remember. Oh - maybe that's because he graduated before I even got to high school?! Great guy (NO - not like that! At all! For any of a number of reasons .. like, I'm not even sure I'm the right gender.)

But hey - it's fun!

Great discovery - the more open you are to making friends. . the more friends you'll make!