Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's all about control

Under threat of ugly activity, I spent all day yesterday terrified. Blood pressure through the roof, knot in the stomach, the whole bit.

This morning, perspective set in. I have no control over what anybody else does. Let me repeat that for my own sake: I can't control what another person does. I might do things that I believe are right - but they must be done solely for that reason, not because I believe they will have any influence on another's actions.

So, if the ugly happens - I can't stop it. All I can do is prepare for it before it does, and respond to it once it does. Fortunately I have an excellent net of wonderful friends who love me, and who I can fall back on any time I need.

Love you all!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Officially, Christmas ends Jan. 4. The whole 12-days thing refers to the Christmas season - which just STARTS Dec. 25. So. . .I'm still several days overdue to un-Christmas my house. I did get the large decorations out of the yard, but expect a letter from the Homeowner's Association telling me to get the lights out of my bushes. I will. Soon. Really. Absolutely no later than February.

Got most of the inside decorations down and put away. That just leaves the tree. The seven-foot-tall, ornament drenched tree. Taking the ornaments off is the easy part. Jigsawing them just-so into the storage boxes takes some time. Gotta get the big ones in the big spots. If you forget a big one and have no spot for it toward the end, you're stuck in a mess.

That will have to wait until next weekend.

One question: Why does un-Christmasing always take longer than Christmasing? Seems like the decorations almost exploded all over the house by themselves overnight. They're not similarly inclined to take themselves down, however, and I've lost my house elf.

Dobby, where are you when we need you?