Monday, January 5, 2009

What conclusion would you reach?

So. . . .a husband and wife, married 16 years, hit a rough spot. They separate, go through counseling, and reconcile, more deeply in love than ever. After a year and a half back together the following happens:

1) In December, the husband comes home giddy about the "hot" new job candidate he's interviewing, making sure to tell the wife she's a former model.
2) In January, the husband and wife go to a function the former job candidate (now employee) chairs. Afterward, the husband e-mails his best friend about how he'd like to have sex with the woman.
3) In February, after the husband and wife share their Valentine's dinner, the husband calls the woman and spends an hour on the phone with her, giggling and being silly. The wife doesn't hear the entire conversation, but at one point he's holding the phone to the dog's ear, so the woman can talk to the dog.
4) In January - March / April, the husband and the woman spend numerous nights alone at the office until midnight and later.
5) In March, the wife overhears the husband and the woman saying how they love each other.
6) In April, the husband and the woman make a bet involving the NCAA final basketball game. Loser gets to tie the winner to the bed, and must bring whipped cream, restraints, and champagne.
7) The wife, now getting suspicious, starts checking the husband's Blackberry. She finds e-mails between the two of them: "I love you."
8) In April, the husband announces the marriage is over. He's not in love with the wife any more. But no, he's not leaving her for the other woman.
9) It's now September, and neither the husband's divorce, nor the woman's divorce is yet final. However, the two have announced they are getting married.

So, blogospherians - what conclusion would you draw???