Tuesday, December 16, 2008

NEVER get involved in a land war in Asia!

And NEVER ask fate "is that all you've got"?

Why? Because when you do, here's what happens:
- You go out to get into the truck the day after it's snowed, turn the key, and hear "click click click click." Classic sounds of a very dead battery. Two cars can't jump it, so AAA must be called to use their super industrial booster and cables. The truck starts, you go to Auto Zone and buy a new battery which the very nice man installs for you, and you're on your way.

- Two days later you take the truck in for a routine oil change, and are told that the adapter that connects the oil filter to the block is bad, and the truck is blowing oil. Get another quote, and get that fixed.

- And then you come down with bronchitis. The annual case struck at its usual inconvenient time. (Rhetorial question: is there a convenient time?) Two days of bed rest and coughing do wonders for the abs and back muscles. OUCH. But hey - the x-ray showed I don't have pneumonia!
But you know what - it's STILL OK! Even though life is throwing major curve balls at me, I seem to be doing a fairly good impersonation of President Bush ducking Iraqi shoes. No major harm - no major foul. Inconvenient? Yes. But insurmountable? Nope!

Oh, and the EX is getting married in two days. Know what - it almost doesn't matter. And strangely, it doesn't hurt to think about. Also, the wife-to-be wrote me a long e-mail explaining how they didn't have an affair, and that they both love the Muffin. She's making an effort to build bridges. As long as we all keep Muffin at the forefront, even this will be OK.