Wednesday, December 10, 2008


In South Texas. South of Houston, Texas, in fact. My house has gotten almost two INCHES!! (Ok - that may be a very slight exaggeration, but I'm certain it's over an inch. . that's how much accumulated on top of my patio table!)

You see, it's all my doing! I took Muffin to see Santa last weekend, for the annual visit, photos, and gift request. She only asked for two things: a camera, and snow. After communicating with her dad I learned he'd already gotten the camera (weeks ago, apparently. .thanks for letting me know). So, that just left the snow. And here it is!

Thanks, Santa! Life really IS good.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Is that all you got?

So, life gets challenging sometimes. The day after Thanksgiving, as I was laid up from surgery, couldn't breathe and barely had the energy to switch from laying in the bed upstairs to laying on the couch downstairs. . I notice that the food in my freezer isn't very cold. Hmmm. . maybe I just left the door ajar. Close it firmly. Check again hours later. Nope - now the food is even LESS cold. And the food in the fridge is warming up too.

Fast forward another few hours. . The fridge is officially "Dead, Jim." So, I call Sears, with whom I have a (not cheap) service contract for this Kenmore appliance. "Certainly ma'am. We'll have our technician out there as soon as possible. Which will be next Thursday."

You know what - big deal! So I lived out of an ice chest for six days. That's nothing! And it truly wasn't a big deal. As long as I remembered to stop by the grocery and get ice every day it really wasn't a big problem.

And when the technician showed up several hours early on Thursday to repair the fridge, it also wasn't the end of the world. Yes, I was at work when he called to say he was coming. Yes, I missed the phone call and so he didn't come. Yes, I'd requested an afternoon appoitnment, and yes, I'd even asked to be the last appointment of the day. I'm still not sure how 10:30 a.m. fits that bill. Oh, and yes, I'd asked that he call my cell phone when en route. Also - didn't happn. But also - no huge deal!

I get home Thursday night, make two frustrated phone calls and am told that it will be following Wednesday (yes, the 10th) before another technician can be schedule to come out. Fussing, objecting and sounding very stern had no effect. So Friday afternoon I tried again and the wonderfully helpful woman with the routing office finally understood that two weeks without refrigeration in a setting that's not immediately following a hurrican really isn't acceptable. So she magically created a technician, sent him over, and he replaced the faulty relay within 15 minutes. And there was much rejoicing!

In fact, thanks to my wonderful Sears service contract I can expect a check at the end of the week for $250 to reimburse me for the food lost when the fridge died.

See? No harm. No foul. And yet another example that I can weather any storm!