Saturday, December 6, 2008

When is "right" wrong?

Had a conversation with a very wise friend about being "right." What if what I think is "right" hurts someone else.

Well, hurting people isn't right. However, sometimes that hurt is an unfortunate byproduct of being "right." Can't live my life afraid to do what my heart and soul and the universe tell me is the right thing to do just because it might hurt somebody. . . that's a no-win situation! There's no way to make everybody happy. . . even if you do nothing, somebody's going to be pissed off.

So, have to do what the universe tells me to. What my own sense of "Right" says to do. But if that "right" does happen to hurt somebody then I still have to own up to it and apologize for that hurt. . . not bulldoze over them and say "tough it up!"

Of course, there also are no absolutes. Sometimes I truly may not care about the fallout. But when somebody I love gets caught in the crossfire then I can't just ignore it.

Thanks, wise friend!

* Addendum. Wise friend also reminded me that "right" isn't always cut-and-dried. Sometimes "right" is simply the path where the least harm is done. Getting into a pissing contest over who's the most right just ends up with everybody getting pee'd on.

Christmas already!

Ok, so the tree is up, ornaments on, inside of the house completely decorated. And may I say, it looks better and more festive than in years! There's only one small problem. . NO PRESENTS!!

The challenge is in a) brainstorming for gifts without someone to bounce ideas off of; and b) finding time to shop. I've finished making three of the gifts, but still have to crank out a bunch more, and come up with ideas for my brothers-in-law. They're the hardest! Anybody got any good ideas for guy-gifts??? PLEASE???!!!

And I've only gotten ONE present for Muffin. I wish her Dad and I could communicate about her wish list (are we both getting her cameras? Neither? Only one? Which one?) But hey - wishing never fixed anything, so I just have to decide whether I'm going to bite the bullet and get her one. I just have to pretend I'm the only parent, and move on that way.

Went to a concert this afternoon: The Houston Tidelanders. Barbershop Quartet harmony, but this isn't your granddad's barbershopping. Fun music and an AMAZING guest group from Conroe High School called "Finally Friday." Mixed acapella chorus and they were good! It was fun to get out with my mom, sister and the Muffin for some fun girl time.

Life just gets better every day!

Friday, December 5, 2008

And now . . . for something completely different!

I looked back over all my posts. . and realized they're basically the same post over and over: I will survive. This will make me stronger and better. I'm going to be OK.

Ok, gang, news flash: we're done with all of that! I haven't posted in a while because I thought the divorce was all I could post about. I'm (mostly) done, so we're heading out into the brave unknown. The rest of my world is my oyster, so . . here we go!

This week? Well, did you know that when you spend five hours in an operating room having your sinuses roto-rootered out and your septum straightened that it takes a LONG time to recover? The doc said "You'll be laid up for a week." Silly me - I thought she just meant "inconvenience." Nope - completely laid up. But I caught up on my reading (Twilight is good) and my backlog of TiVo'd shows (House, CSI, and some Boston Legal).

And did you know that when they operate on your sinuses like that you'll spend a week virtually unable to breathe through your nose? That's an adventure. . eating without breathing through your nose.

It really wasn't too bad. . there was never any pain, even in the recovery, but MAN was I weak! Went back to work this Wednesday, 10 days after the surgery, and just dressing, getting Muffin out and getting myself into the building had me shaking by the time I got to my desk.

Lesson learned: It's OK to ask for help. You don't have to do everything by yourself. People love you. . and they will be happy to help you BECAUSE they love you. THANKS, Jan and Mary and Stacey!! I love you all too!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Butterfly's Lesson

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It's a powerful lesson. It takes pain for strength to emerge.