Saturday, August 9, 2008

Reclaim my Home - Take One

Today was spent "nesting." That's what they call it when pregnant women spend time running around cleaning and tidying and getting the house ready for their babies. NO - I'm not pregnant! But this life transition is like a rebirth and so I'm nesting some too. Because I get to keep the house, I'm making it more my own, starting with a laundry list of simple upkeep items that have been put off for years. I got clever, went to the store and bought the same paint the builder used to touch up the trim work throughout the house. Man, was it chipped up. Sort of like my heart. Wish it were as easy to patch it, with just a little paint.

First Light!

Wow! I have a blog! Great. . now what do I say? Seems lots of people are encouraging me to start one, so I will - but I can't promise to post every day.

Had dinner with a bunch of friends last night, and started to list what I'm going through: divorce, facing surgery, might have an autoimmune disorder. . . but as one person empathized with the "huge burden" that I'm facing, it occurred to me that I don't view it that way. It's not a huge burden - it's just life! And I can drown in it, or I can soar above it. I choose the latter!

So dear readers, bear with me as I climb this learning curve. What's ahead? Who knows? Its LIFE!